Rafting & Paintball

The largest paintball fields in Bali

Paintball Bali Pertiwi is the largest paintball arena in Bali which caters to all your paintball needs. With an arena nearly 3 acres, were divided into 3 battlefield. Located in just 40 minute drive from Kuta or Nusa Dua to the north. Paintball Bali Pertiwi is easily accessible by all transportation means. Offering the most affordable and attractive paintball packages , we cater to wide range of activities such as holiday, birthday celebrations, company outings, school groups or organizations with large or small group size or individual.

Paintball Bali Pertiwi offers the most reliable paintball equipment. Our equipment are carefully maintained on a rigorous schedule and cleaned to provide the most comfortable experience for all our customer.

Paintball is an adrenaline rushing sport which is safe (statistically reported to have lesser injuries than contact sports !) and suitable for people of different gender and physique. Paintball is a fun activity that helps to enhance self confidence which is very important for your daily life, decision making skills and team building. While many play paintball to have fun, organizations and corporations are finding paintball to be a game which promotes corporate team building, increases camaraderie within the company and enhances employee’s leadership skills.

Paintball Bali Pertiwi is the only paintball arena in Bali that offer varieties of paintball game scenarios. To ensure that customers follow a progressive route of competencies in paintball. Customers are given direction and the correct ways to operate paintball markers and other things that need attention for safety standards, before entering the paintball war zone to shoot your friends (or foes ?). With progressive game scenarios and attraction of 3 amazing playing fields (Junk Yard, The Bunkers, Vietcong Village ) with variety of bunkers design, where are won and lost in a very spectacular experience. Come visit us today!

*Only for participants who are 12 years old and above. Participants under 12 years old must seek parental consent when submitting the indemnity form before playing.


USD 120 /pax